Symbolic uses and beneficial properties of salt

Researcher Jean Rivière, author of “Amulets, Talismans and Pentacles”, tells us that “in all times, salt has been considered a precious rock and a sacred material”. Salt is a combination, and mutual neutralization, of the properties of two complementary substances – Sodium and Chloride – and is made of cubic crystals, a symbol for the esoteric.

Salt was offered to gods to allay demons and in religious rituals and magical ceremonies. But Salt was also used for food preservation and cooking. It is essential to human and animal life. Blood, sweat and tears contain salt.

According to Arab tradition salt cures a number of evils. “Begin with salt and end with salt”, said Muhammad.

A symbol of strong and incorruptible ties, in the Bible the “salt covenant” means a relationship with God that will never be ruptured (Numbers, 18:11 and Chronicles, 13:5).

In Japan people throw salt on the doorstep after an unwelcome person leaves the house.

In Homer’s words “salt is the symbol of hospitality and friendship, for it has an indestructible flavor”.

Salt is widely used by esoterics, who recommend salt to clean the aura – the energy surrounding your physical body. A “saturated” (heavily charged) aura can only be rebalanced with salt baths.

The beneficial properties of bath salt colors

Bath salts are excellent to expand the aura. See below some attributes of colors used in salt baths:

Blue: enhances one’s own mental energy to achieve cure; has a pleasant effect.
White: conveys feelings of purity, love, perfection
Orange, yellow: used to strengthen hope
Pink: good for self-esteem
Turquoise: revitalizes creativity and expression (words, art, communications)
Green: strengthens self-confidence to improve health
Red: to spur success in an undertaking
Violet: spirituality; inspiration; helps turn personal suffering into positive thinking.

“A balanced aura is not so difficult to achieve. Bath salts will help, they are relaxing and reinvigorating It is also important to be optimistic, so that you may always be enlightened! ”

(published in MONICA’S COLUMN/Terra Portal –
Wednesday, August 11, 2004).

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