Salt to fight Dengue Fever

To prevent Aedes aegypti mosquito proliferation, use of domestic products such as salt very convenient, for it is efficient and low cost.

When the correct amount of salt is added to water it has a larvicide effect, preventing larvae growth in the still water of pools and containers.

Learn how to use salt to fight dengue fever:

Container: dish under plant pot

  • Throw away any water accumulated in the dish after watering the plant
  • Add a spoonful of salt every time you drain the dish.

Container: Discarded tires in the backyard

  • Always store tires in dry and covered place
  • If kept out of doors, stand tires up and pierce holes in six different points
  • Pour a glassful of salt on the bottom of tire
  • When tire is used as a swing, pierce one hole on the bottom side

Container: swimming pool

  • Treat pool water regularly using chlorine
  • If no filtering system is in place, use salt according to the table below.

Container: unused toilet bowls

  • Keep lid down
  • If lid is missing, flush twice a week
  • Pour 2 spoonful of salt after flushing

Container: rainwater drain (basin with gravel or sand)

  • Pour salt on basin after water drains away
  • Every week, pour domestic chlorine/bleach, powder soap or detergent

Container: ant traps containing water

  • Add salt to the trap water (1/2 tablespoon for glass of water).
Salt to control Aedes aegypti* larvae breeding
Water volume Salt
1 glass 0,5 tablespoon
1 litre 2 tablespoons
5 liters 10 tablespoons
50 liters 1 Kg
100 liters 2 Kg
200 liters 4 Kg
300 liters 6 Kg
400 liters 8 Kg
500 liters 10 Kg

*Amount of salt in container (water not intended for human consumption).


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