Cisne and Clipper salt in the kitchen or on the table mean added flavor to your food. Your meals will taste much better! No other seasoning can replace salt. Cisne and Clipper brands including the low-sodium product are found in many different packaging and presentations, strictly in accordance with health legislation on iodine content.

Salt produced in the refinery is also used for industrial purposes. Salt crystals are an important element in textile production dye setting, canned products, paper, cosmetics, paints, pharmaceutical products, photography films, adhesives and explosives manufacturing. Salt has about 14,000 different applications.

Refinaria Nacional de Sal S.A. supplies the most demanding salt markets. All salt delivered by the refinery is purified sea salt produced under controlled industrial processes that assure high purity and quality to the end product. Both Cisne and Clipper brands are manufactured following the strictest technical specifications and may or may not contain additives to improve flow. Packaging options vary from 1 gram to 1,500 kg.

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