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Cisne is the word for Swan in Portuguese. From ancient times this bird has represented whiteness, purity and light. White swans are known for their fidelity and their figure evoke nobility, elegance, boldness and prudence. (reference: DICIONÁRIO DE SÍMBOLOS, Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant, Editora José Olympio)

The choice of such an endearing symbolic figure to represent our brand was almost natural, as these attributes also reflect the basic principles of the Refinery. Cisne – the Swan – was the perfect icon to represent our brand and products.

Now approaching its 60th anniversary, Cisne has been part of Brazilians daily life for a long time. It is a privilege and an honor to know that the Cisne brand is present in almost every table and kitchen, seasoning the meals of millions of families.

We care about production and the environment. That is why Refinaria Nacional de Sal S.A. was the first refinery to use state of the art technology for salt production in Brazil. Quality and purity are our guiding principles and we strive to give consumers only the best.

Cisne brand is synonymous to quality. And Cisne brand reflects our philosophy of work. From answering a telephone call to the spotless conditions of the plant and from our processes and organization to our relationship with customers, the symbolic swan attributes apply. See here the evolution of Cisne.

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