CRC – Client – Legal Person

Cisne Relations Center – (CRC) is a communications and business channel set up for the sole benefit of Refinaria Nacional de Sal clients. To assist and serve all clients, whether before or after purchasing any of the Cisne products, CRC system is at your disposal.

Information about billings, deliveries, payments or any technical information will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Use the telephone or the e-mail to contact us. It’s easy and it’s fast!
Better communications – better reasons to work with us.

Call: (11) 3146-3031
Monday thru Friday, from 8 am top 05:30 pm.


Av. Paulista, 352 - 10º andar
CEP: 28901-970 - Cabo Frio, RJ
Tel: (22) 2008-0300
Fax:(22) 2008-0306
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Salinas Ponta do Costa s/n
CEP: 01310-905 - São Paulo, SP
Tel:(11) 3146-3000
Fax:(11) 3146-3060
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Warehouse - São Paulo
Av. Guilherme Giorgi, 1017 - Vila Carrão
CEP: 03422-000 - São Paulo, SP
Tel/Fax: (11) 2673-3384
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Office in Rio de Janeiro
Av. Marechal Câmara, 160 - Sl.618 - 6º andar
CEP: 20020-907 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Tel/Fax: (21) 2215-7222
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